Investing in Cryptocurrencies

by Paul, May 10, 2016
Paul Lee, Entrepreneur, Educator, Investor

Paul at the Workbench, Cork City.


The economic crash of 2007/ 2008 wiped out my successful architecture practise and this spurred a curiosity with economics, finance, investment and currencies. When I realised how such topics as these impacted so enormously on my personal life, I started to study these subjects voraciously- reading and listening to a vast range of commentators, journalists, theoreticians, philosophers and writers. Over the years, I started to build my own picture of the nature of money and how currencies are created, stored, and manipulated.

I was also interested in information technology, which had become increasingly important in my business. I got to know a number of technology enthusiasts and programmers. In 2011, I was introduced by a number of my techy friends to two very interesting technologies: 3D printing and Bitcoin.

I made my first bitcoin investment in early 2012 purchasing bitcoin through a Irish exchange and later from an agent based in Cork. I delivered a presentation to a Kinsale-based investment group in 2015, explaining the basics behind bitcoin technology and why it might be an interesting investment.

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