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SketchUp 2020 & Other Recent Updates

This page is to first of all address those elements that should have been included in the Construction Documents Using SketchUp Pro 2020 book.

The Move Tool

The new Move Tool works in an interesting new way, but only with Groups or Components.

The first thing you’ll notice when you activate the Move Tool on a selected object is the new look of the node points which have “smoother” colours.

The other thing is that you can see those nodes that are located on the far side of the object.

The down arrow can now change the number and locations of grips shown on the selected object. Keep pressing this key to toggle between the different options- See below.

1. Default: Nodes are located at the corner points.
3. A single node is located at the mass center of the object.
2. Nodes are located at midpoints of edges.
4. Nodes are located at center points of faces.

Moving an object using a “hidden” node turns the object translucent.

Using the Copy mode (Move + CTRL key/ Alt key) to copy the object from “mass center” to corner of original object.