The SketchUp Training Knowledge Base


[em]Viewsion Virtual Environments[/em]

was founded in October 2008, the first Google Authorised Training Centre in Ireland (Back when Google owned SketchUp.) Since then we trained many architects, engineers, builders and designers all around Ireland and further afield.

In 2013, Paul Lee- co-founder of Viewsion established DesignerDojo, a non-profit organisation created for the purposes of showing kids how to do 3D digital modelling using free or low-cost tools. Along with a number of volunteers we show kids how to 3D print, create game environments, videos, and use their imaginations to create their own worlds.

[em]The Cork City Model[/em]

The first ever 3D city model to be made available to the public was unveiled in October 2014. Since then, a 300mm diameter copy of the print has been put on display in St. Peter’s Church, a local public exhibition centre.