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What can Viewsion do for you?

We tailor training solutions around you- whatever your particular needs or background so that you can get on with what you’re best at: Designing and building.

Can SketchUp replace traditional CAD?

Absolutely. Viewsion has been successfully using SketchUp as a CAD replacement since 2006. SketchUp, as well as being an extraordinary modelling tool also takes care of your CAD needs.- With LayOut’s vector capabilities you can create industry standard construction drawings as well as stunning presentations. Check out our portfolio here (courtesy of Aspire Architecture)

  • Drawings are automatically produced from your SketchUp model.
  • Never have to worry about drawing accuracy ever again.

We published the world’s first SketchUp for Construction Documents book

Construction Documents Using SketchUp Pro

“Construction Documents Using SketchUp & LayOut” has been a bestseller since 2012. Having perfected the technique of exporting CAD files from 3D models.

About Viewsion

Viewsion was the first Google Authorised Training Centre in Ireland, and is one of the foremost SketchUp training companies in the world. Since 2008 we have helped countless professionals in fields as diverse as architecture, engineering, exhibition design, landscape and many more.

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