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SketchUp is an awesomely powerful tool. If you want to truly harness it’s power, we’re here to help. We’re internationally recognized SketchUp experts. Whether you’re an engineer, an architect, a builder or designer- We’ve helped all kinds of professionals to get up and running.
Dance Hall Theatre Reconstruction


More productive and profitable

SketchUp 3D modelling maximises your output while impressing your clients to win better work. Models provide multiple outputs:

  • Drawings
  • Videos
  • Interactive web applications
  • 3D Prints
  • Game Environments

Can 3D models replace traditional CAD?

Absolutely. Viewsion has been using SketchUp as a CAD replacement since 2005. SketchUp, as well as being an extraordinary modelling tool also takes care of your CAD needs.- With LayOut’s vector capabilities you can create industry standard .dwg construction drawings as well as stunning presentations.

Why is modelling more efficient than 2D CAD?

Drawings are automatically produced from your 3D model: Accuracy by default. When you’re designing for construction you need to know that everything fits. You need to know that everything is coordinated. With a model you only have one single information source while CAD drawings are separate, dependent entities that must be manually coordinated.

Why train with Us?

Vast Experience

Since 2008 we’ve been successfully training professionals from areas as diverse as:

  • Landscape Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Architecture
  • Marketing & Event Industries
  • Data Centre Management


We have assisted these companies to make the change from a 2D drawing environment to 3D virtual modelling.

Multinational Corporations benefitting from SketchUp Pro implementation.


Paul was immensely helpful and articulate in his instruction and we found the one-to-one instruction very intuitive. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for your company and we are already organising more training for our staff in the near future. Many thanks again Paul - invaluable in so many ways.

Jonny Murphy Creative Design Director, Verve Marketing

Paul was extremely helpful and flexible in his approach to training, breaking down the complicated issues into easily understandable parts and tailored his approach to exactly how the software works for you. He does away with the fluff and understands the end user. I would recommend Paul and his company to anyone in this space.

Stephen McKay Head of Store Development, CarePlus Pharmacies

Viewsion’s two-day training session enabled me to think and draw in 3D, providing me with the skills to present in a more visually appealing way in less time to clients while also producing the necessary 2D drawing information for a small architect’s studio.

Shane McEnroe Architect, MRIAI

Viewsion was enormously helpful to the Cork Internet Exchange enabling us to visualise new build infrastructure, assisting in the design phase. Just as importantly the 3D visuals produced assist us hugely in selling our product to customers.

Jerry Sweeney CEO, Cork Internet eXchange

The world’s first SketchUp for Construction Documents book

Our book: “Construction Documents Using SketchUp & LayOut” has been a bestseller on since 2012.

Paul Lee pioneered SketchUp for Construction Documents in the publication of his book in 2012.

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