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Viewsion provides bespoke SketchUp training to architects, engineers and designers of many disciplines including: Set design, landscape, interior, marketing booths, retail, furniture, bathroom, kitchen and many more.

Are you a 2D CAD user? Then ask yourself the following questions..

Are you tired of having to create multiple drawings for every stage of your project?
Sick of worrying about missing errors in your drawings?
Irritated by having to update multiple drawings for even a simple design change?

If your answer to any of the above is “yes” then you need to consider switching entirely to SketchUp Pro.

Check out our original course..

Construction Documents Using SketchUp Pro 2020

This is a complete hands-on-start-to-finish course that’s based on a real, fully-completed domestic project. Course material comes with 6 SketchUp files, multiple components and a LayOut graphics template.

This course covers the following:

  • Extruding 2D walls to create 3D walls.
  • Creating window and door openings.
  • Inserting windows and doors as components.
  • Creating a roof with rooflights.
  • Extracting plans, sections and elevations from the model.
  • Transferring the live drawings to LayOut.
  • Applying titleblocks, dimensions, notes and graphics- all to various scales.
  • Producing fully completed drawings in PDF format ready for construction.

You won’t find a better course anywhere to learn about using SketchUp Pro for Construction Documentation. It’s available from SketchUcation and Amazon

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Construction Documents Book Sample Page

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What will you get from this book?

Become competent at 3D modelling a building from a sketch image.
Create live (updatable) 2D Plans Sections & Elevations straight from your model.
Understand how to build 3D details from the building model.
Present these drawings in LayOut as completed PDF documents.

Contents include:

  • 120 Page Manual.
  • Two highly-developed SketchUp Model templates.
  • 6 Companion videos
  • Embedded components.

Also available on: Print & Kindle

You also get..

  • Paul Lee’s 5 Killer Keystrokes which will seriously transform your modelling experience (embedded in the book)
  • Insight into the latest updates in SketchUp and how to best utilise them in practise.
  • Free lifetime access to Paul Lee’s Best SketchUp Tips and Tricks.


FREE BOOK SAMPLE – 20 free pages to try it out.Main SketchUp Course Models
SketchUp.Expert Components collectionLayOut Scrapbook File
Best 5 SketchUp ShortcutsCourse Companion Videos

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Course Companion videos

To help you get through Construction Documents course, I’ve provided a set of 6 videos for you to follow each step of the process. These are sequenced differently from the book but are complementary.

Why are drawings from 3D models so much better than old-style 2D drawings?

  1. There is no longer any need to coordinate multiple separate drawings.
  2. No need to manage vast numbers of layers & linetypes
  3. Editing multiple drawings only requires a single change to the model.
  4. 3D models are multi-purpose and reusable
  5. Models are highly valuable records of a building design which can be used for updating construction information.

You can start benefitting from all these advantages with SketchUp Pro

I’ve been working with SketchUp since 2005, constantly developing skills and techniques through project work. Running architectural projects exclusively with SketchUp Pro successfully proved how effectively this software works in practise. I wanted to share my enthusiasm and knowledge for this awesome platform, so that’s why I started SketchUp.Expert which became one of the world’s first ever Authorised SketchUp Training Centres in 2010. Since then, I’ve served thousands of clients- From individual practitioners to multinational corporations.

I continually improve my services by tapping into the wisdom of the international SketchUp community. This is a vibrant international network of people from diverse backgrounds. I’ve listened to feedback from many designers about how to provide the best possible training experience.

Whatever your SketchUp training requirements, let me be your first port of call. 

What are my credentials?

My name is Paul Lee and I’m a qualified architect. I’ve worked on jobs ranging from little house extensions to multi-million dollar building projects. I had been using AutoCAD for years and never really gravitated towards it. Once a friend tipped me off about SketchUp in 2005 there was no going back.

I’ve been featured on Trimble’s official blog on multiple occasions…

Portfolio of Work

Below are some of the project works executed over the past 20 years.
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